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Quality is What We Do

ONWELL Power has taken significant actions to build a strong foundation of knowledge around quality systems and process controls.  ONWELL Power acknowledges that Quality is a continuous improvement process and we believe that the systems we have in place today are among the best in the industry.

Quality Philosophy and Training

Our factory has provided basic training for all associates in Six Sigma Techniques by Motorola University.  Staff from management, engineering, and production lines all receive basic Six Sigma Methodology training.  A group of selected personnel receive Champion Training, Program Management and Green Belt Training

Quality Systems

ONWELL Power Quality System incorporates the following core functions:


Product Qualification and Certification

Drop Testing (with and without host)
Shock and Vibration
Thermal cycle and Humidity
Lithium Ion PCM safety tests
Capacity, voltage, impedance, and aging
Production Processes
Statistical Process Controls (SPC) at Weld, Solder, and Seal
Operator Certification Program Established
ISO9001:2000 Certification for the Factory
Performance Metrics
Thorough Quality Audit Procedures
Documented Control Systems
Customer Satisfactoion
Rapid Response to new RFQ’s
Schematic procedure to identify root causes and containment plan
RMA system for process, track, and analyze filed returns